International meat and grill meeting International meat and grill meeting


International meat and grill meeting

HARAGI is a gastronomic encounter that will unite the local and the international, days dedicated to the profession and popular events. It has emerged following the steps initiated with the Txuletaren Festa from Tolosa with the aim of professionalizing and becoming part of the new generations. In the village and in the Basque Culinary Center teachers of the grill and meat meet, giving the option to disseminate the already existing knowledge close up, the new techniques that bring the sector as well as the forms of work of each place. The banquets of the Zerkausia of Txuletaren Festa have continuity and there will be different colloquia, days and events, with the incursion of new spaces. HARAGI, International Encounter of Ember and Meat.


We have maintained the technique and the txuleta menu for 65 years: that is the value of Tolosa's steakhouses

The grill in the center. In the restaurant, on the menu, in the technique... Always in public; the kitchen and the cook in relation to the diners. The experience says: it was the bellows that the paper industry had in the 50s that gave work and fame to the grills of a small town of almost 20,000 inhabitants. And it's believed that the beginning was the iron industry, because they cooked in the fire where they treated iron. It is a menu whose center is the txuleta made in the inclined grill that was created in the steakhouses of Tolosa, a menu that tastes tolosarras and visitors from the decade of the 60. It has no equal, Tolosa, its grills and steakhouses are incomparable.

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Tolosako Txuleta Festa
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